Austin Stump Grinding

Austin Stump Grinding

Our Austin stump grinding services are a stellar value and a great compliment to our tree takedowns. Stump grinding is the process of using a powerful industrial-strength machine to pulverize a tree stump and remove it so the soil in the area can be leveled and normal landscaping can take place.

It's possible to attempt stump removal as a homeowner, but removing a stump is no trivial task. The root system of a large tree can be as large and strong as the tree itself and full-sized stump grinding machines can't be transported in a pickup or SUV, so stump grinding isn't something most homeowners want to tackle.

Contact us for help with all your Austin stump grinding needs! Charges start at $200 for a stump up to 20 inches in diameter. Stumps larger than 20 inches are billed at an additional $10 per diameter inch beyond 20.


Austin Stump Grinding: Why and How

If you have stumps in your lawn, whether from a Chico's service or some other event, removing them via stump grinding is a great idea for several reasons:

  1. Stumps can be quite disruptive to your home environment and a hazard to adults and children alike, especially if they are in different locations around the lawn or in high-traffic areas. They're not in your sightline, so it's easy to hit them with your lawnmower or car. Obviously, this can be bad for both you and your property.
  2. Stumps can be an eyesore and detract greatly from your home's curb appeal. If you want a harmonious lawn or landscaping, you probably don't want to wait years for a stump to disintegrate before you can start to improve the area.
  3. A stump can become a haven for pests like snakes and rodents.
  4. A stump can weigh several hundred pounds.
  5. Austin soils are tricky, often with high black or reddish clay content (Blackland Prairie) or rocky with high limestone content (Edwards Plateau).
  6. As mentioned above, stump grinding machines can't be transported easily and are very dangerous when mishandled.
  7. Your Chico's team is equipped with an arborist-quality Barreto stump grinder machine and we're experienced with removing stumps in the most efficient manner.

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